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Lay down a track with me…from across the world

Posted by suneelgupta on June 18, 2009

cross posted to MTV here.

Indaba lets musicians around the world collaborate without ever leaving their home. Say you play the acoustic guitar in New York, my cousin plays the tabla in New Delhi, and I play the fiddle in San Francisco. The three of us want to record a little Beatles meets Blue Grass. In the past, we would meet in a central location (Amsterdam?) and pay for studio time. But with Indaba, we can create anonline session and pull something together that would make Ringo proud.

Indaba is part social network, part web application, and has attracted over 125,000 musicians in over 170 countries into its community. I recently met the team’s co-founder, Dan Zaccagnino, a laid-back guy with lots of authentic passion for music and the web. Here’s what Dan had to say on Colbert Nation:

colbert pic

Indaba removes the barrier of geography from the making of music. Their concept makes me think about the Djembe drum circles I loved hearing in West Africa. For talent like this, Indaba takes undiscovered musical brilliance and gives it a platform to be heard.

That means musicians get to collaborate with new tones and rhythms, and we get to enjoy the product. So the next time you’re at a bar and hear a fresh new sound, you may have the Indaba community to thank.

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