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coldplay covers michael

Posted by suneelgupta on July 14, 2009

cross-posted to MTV here.

A little over two weeks after the death of Michael Jackson, Coldplay offered a tribute at a concert in the San Francisco Bay Area. I shot a little of it on my Flip cam.


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thoughts on the mozilla mission

Posted by suneelgupta on July 12, 2009

mozilla logo

Inspired by the 3.5 launch, Q3 goal setting, this post (John), and that post (Mitchell), I took an *unsolicited* crack at a mission statement for Mozilla into and through 2010. It’s a work in progress, so post your comments and thoughts:

In the next 18 months, we turn big ideas into executable goals. We expand our global impact, while empowering others to expand theirs. We remain entrepreneurial, while leveraging the opportunities that accompany our scale. We strengthen our grassroots fight, while realizing our brand-built ability to influence decisions at the highest levels. We deepen the commitment to our existing community, while building new relationships with the remaining 75% of the planet. We engage these people, many of whom will discover the web for the very first time, with a time-tested promise that Mozilla can be a meaningful part of anyone’s life.

For those who choose to participate, Mozilla is your enabler.
For those who aim to innovate, Mozilla is your vehicle.
For those who aspire to change the world, Mozilla is your partner.

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