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A Fine Balance

Posted by suneelgupta on November 5, 2008

Mozilla is a culture of balance. Every day, the people here collaborate to strike a balance between growth and patience; between innovating and quickly following; between scale and perfection; between pragmatism and idealism; between chaos and order; and between mission and sustainability.

I began a career with Mozilla a month ago and find myself thinking back to the first time a friend told me about Mozilla. It was November 2004 and I had just wrapped up 10 months of hard, but failed, campaigning to bring change to the Oval Office.

From an internet café in Bombay – and in a self-righteous state of mind – I IM’d a friend: “I worry that people don’t question the status quo”, to which he responded: “you should check out the dudes at Firefox”.

It means a lot to be here, and my goals are pretty clear: 1) help move Mozilla’s mission forward in a meaningful way, 2) be a strong operator, and 3) do my best not to disrupt the balance.

This is my first post, and I’ll be trying to share thoughts as often as possible. My hope is that you’ll consider them, and tell me why you agree or disagree.


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